SSPLIT House by Ed Seymour

The S.S.P.L.I.T. House, which stands for "Sustainable Solutions Platform for Life Interaction & Tradition," is a comprehensive design geared specifically towards the rehabilitation of the Broadmoor neighborhood in New Orleans.  It is small, affordable and green in response to the specific needs of the devastated region for which it is designed for.  While striving for a holistic approach, to provide occupants with a poetic, uplifting, energy-saving, flexible home they can be proud to live in.

A reinterpretation of the traditional New Orleans Shotgun house, the SPLIT House is composed of a "service wing" and "leisure wing."  The service wing consists of the necessary bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and mechanical areas, while the leisure wing consists of open spaces like the living, dining, kitchen, and porches.  All spaces have rearrangeable components allowing for space-saving multi-purpose use, while providing the occupants with many options for the aesthetics of the home.  The ground level has a simple and inviting design incorporating; native low-light plants along a meditation garden with shading panels at strategic points, rose garden with bench welcoming neighbors in the front, cookout area for family and friends in the back, protected parking area for two cars, and vegetable garden in backyard.  This approach results in maximum efficiency on the the narrow 30'x 100' lot, while respecting all zoning laws and surrounding properties.  

Several sustainable systems are implemented in the house to further reduce energy consumption.      A Solar Thermal system supplies hot water, an array of Photovoltaic panels supplies the energy for   the Solar HVAC system, while leaving a large area for any future solar panel expansion.  A split HVAC system cools/heats the service and leisure wing independently from one another, reducing overall loads by almost 50% at night time and on pleasant days.  A simple and effective Water Harvesting system collects rainwater redirecting it to the gardens and storage tanks below.

Its modular design allows for factory assembly, which increases quality control, construction speed, worker safety, overall performance, client satisfaction and decreases air leakage, construction waste, logistic errors, site disturbance, and overall cost.  The house can be split in two sections (service & leisure wing) and all major components can be easily transported on three flatbed trucks to the site.  Also, many components are made with recycled, or renewable materials local to the area, helping cut-down on the carbon footprint.

Ultimately, this project strives to educate and inform the public in New Orleans and around the world about sustainable, renewable, energy efficient ways to live.  By doing so, changing our perspective and creating a better future for all.

 All material created & copyrighted by Ed Seymour


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