CARTA Downtown Proposal by Ed Seymour

The College of the Arts & Architecture (CARTA) Downtown proposal seeks to remedy the college’s need for a holistically integrated, state-of-the-art facility, prominently located within a major cultural hub in Miami.  As well as, meet and exceed the specific needs of students in the disciplines of arts and architecture.  The interweaving of education, architecture and surrounding urban context became catalyst for design by establishing their equal hierarchy throughout the volumes.  Also, the balanced distribution of the program creates opportunistic pockets for social interaction within all levels.  Furthermore, the monolithic volumes are carved by light-wells providing precious natural light to lower floors, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere for inhabitants in all levels.

The urban settings posed several constraints, such as; a very narrow site, complex program, natural lighting requirements, and overactive urban sprawl.  By capitalizing on these constraints, thoughtful solutions were created to passively engage the site, utilizing potential limitations as opportunities for creativity.

The public lobby is a multi-level outdoor condition with overlooking views of W. Flagler Street, intended to provide students & faculty with a temporary release from their busy schedules.  The multi-level studios are contained within the East Wing and West Wing, respectively.  These are located within the top floors, taking full advantage of the strong breezes, natural light, and excellent views of Downtown Miami.  Also, the large curtain walls of the studios are protected from direct sunlight by a grate metal mesh along the exterior facade of the building, significantly reducing heat gain.  Additionally, the top floor is shaded by a wrapping trellis condition, allowing for outdoor activities at all times.  Photo-voltaic panels are installed on 70% of the roof area producing a considerable percentage of the buildiang’s energy requirements.  In all, the CARTA Downtown proposal implements a holistic approach to a creative design.

All material created & copyrighted by Ed Seymour


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